Why is Mediclaim necessary in todays hectic life ? Think again

Why is Mediclaim necessary in todays hectic life ? Think again

Why is Mediclaim necessary?

An conversation with  renowned Dr.Ravichandra Gurrala, Senior Sales Manager in Star Health & Allied Insurance Co Ltd. He has shared his valuable experience on health Insurance and its importance in today fast life. pls check out his Advice.

Mediclaim insurance helps you cover the expenses related to an accident or illness. With Mediclaim Insurance, you can be prepared to deal with unforeseen health issues and also save money saved for your future needs.

What is the difference between Mediclaim and Health Insurance?

Mediclaim Insurance policy does not provide insurance cover in case of critical or life threatening diseases. The diseases and health problems involved are predetermined. Whereas, the treatment of more than 30 fatal diseases is also covered under the Health Insurance Policy.

Which is the best Mediclaim policy?
Optima Secure Plan will protect you. Our health insurance policy will provide you coverage for lifetime medical expenses on renewal break free. Please read the Policy Glossary, Brochure and Prospectus to know more about My Optima Secure.

What is covered in health insurance?
Standard health insurance, it provides a lump sum amount to help the insured meet all the expenses incurred while undergoing treatment for any critical illness such as heart attack, cancer etc. It covers the actual medical and surgical expenses incurred by the insured during hospitalization.

Which is the best insurance?
Star Health & Allied Insurance policies are most popular in the country. Runs various policies for different classes. One of the popular policies out of this is  Policy. Through this policy, you can save your precious health for the future.

Does Mediclaim cover dental?
Yes, dental treatment can be covered under Mediclaim or health insurance policies.

How do I make a Mediclaim policy?
Filing the Mediclaim, at the outset ensure that the bills, medical reports and receipts are in chronological order. All documents must include signature, patient name, cost price, document number and serial number. Ask the insurance company for a claim form. You can download the form from the company’s website.