Health insurance is insurance policy today’s need of time – Dr Ravichandra Gurrala

Health insurance is an insurance policy that pays for the expenses incurred on the treatment of a disease. These expenses include everything from hospitalisation, consultation fees of doctors, cost of tests and medicines and cost of nursing and care, etc.

Today we had opportunity to  interview with renowned Dr.Ravichandra Gurrala, Senior Sales Manager in Star Health & Allied Insurance Co Ltd. He has shared his valuable thoughts on health Insurance and its importance in today fast life. pls check out his Advice.

Q: What are the benefits of health insurance?

Ans: Major benefits of health insurance plans

Cashless Healthcare…

Pre and post hospitalization expenses…

Ambulance cost…

No Claim Bonus…

Medical check-up facility…

Room rent limit in your health insurance plan…


tax benefit in insurance plan.


Q: For how many days is the health insurance?

Ans: Medical insurance covers both pre and post hospitalization expenses. You can get coverage up to 60 days before hospitalization and up to 90 days after discharge. Many health insurance policies also cover daycare expenses, if required for treatment.

Q: Why is medical insurance necessary?

Ans: You will get freedom from medical expenses and huge savings in tax. If you have adequate health insurance coverage, then you are saved from huge medical expenses. Apart from this, tax exemption of up to Rs 1 lakh is available under section 80D on depositing the premium.

Q: How many types of health insurance are there?

Ans: Types of health insurance

  1. Individual Health Insurance …
  2. Family Floater Health Insurance …

iii. Health insurance for senior citizens…

  1. Cancer Health Care Plan …
  2. Health insurance for specific diseases…
  3. Maternity Health Insurance …

Q: Which diseases are covered by health insurance?

Ans:Star Health Insurance Covered Disease List

COVID-19. As we all have seen, the menacing effect of COVID-19 has ravaged all of us. …Diabetes Diabetes is a chronic lifestyle disease characterized by high blood sugar levels. …Cancer, Cataract, …Autism, …Kidney Disease, …Cardiovascular Disorder, …Brain Tumor

Q: What is the difference between Mediclaim and Health Insurance?

Ans: Mediclaim Insurance policy does not provide insurance cover in case of very serious or life threatening diseases. The diseases and health problems involved are predetermined. Whereas, the treatment of more than 30 fatal diseases is also covered under the Health Insurance Policy.

Q: How to make a health insurance claim?

Ans The process requires submission of a claim form along with attested copies of all documents including all lab reports, X-ray films and slides, bills, receipts and discharge summary from the hospital. If the total bill exceeds the sum insured, the remaining amount can be claimed with another health insurance company.

Q: What do you understand by health insurance?

Ans : A health insurance policy usually covers expenses related to doctor’s consultation fees, ambulance charges, medical tests, hospitalization costs, post-hospitalization recovery costs, etc. Since your insurance company has tied up with various hospitals, you get the benefit of cashless treatment.

Q: How to get health insurance without a job?

Ans : If you are unemployed, you may be able to get an affordable health insurance plan through the Marketplace, with savings based on your income and household size. You may also qualify for free or low-cost coverage through Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

Q: How does medical insurance work?

Ans : Health insurance is a contract ie agreement, in which the insurance company pays your medical expenses to the hospital if you fall ill. Health insurance provides you financial support by covering the expenses like medical bills, hospitalization expenses, consultation fees, ambulance charges etc.

Q: What are the benefits of Mediclaim?

Ans : Mediclaim policy is a health policy that takes care of your medical expenses up to the sum insured in case of any health emergency. In this, the insurance company bears the expenses of in-patient cover, day care treatment, etc. due to hospitalization in case of accident or illness. All health plans cover treatment for COVID-19!

Q: Who can take Mediclaim Policy?

Ans : Answer- Mediclaim insurance can be easily taken from the age of 0 years generally till the age of 50 years. One should take Mediclaim policy at a young age so that in case of accidental illness or accident, insurance cover is available without medical examination policy. Mediclaim policy is available at low premium.

Q: Which is the best health insurance?

Ans :Top 10 best health insurance companies in India

Star Health & Allied Insurance Company Limited

Max Bupa Health Insurance Company Limited

ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Limited

Religare Health Insurance Company Limited

Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company Limited